Hungry for some Peep Bunny Soup?

I made up these cute little “Bunny Soup” treats for our preschool.  Aren’t they fun??  It’s simply a Bunny Peep, a few Hershey Kisses, a chocolate wafer stirring stick and a packet of hot cocoa.  
The tag reads:

This cute little bunny has hopped all day.  Delivering baskets for the holiday.  He left you something to fill your wishes. Chocolate Bunny Soup & Easter Kisses!

He added a Peep, and a fun stirring stick.  Just add hot water & sip it slow.  It’s sure to do the trick.

There’s still a few more days until Easter…why not make your own Bunny Soup?

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2 Responses to Hungry for some Peep Bunny Soup?

  1. Kristina Baldwin

    Thanks! The kids really liked them.

  2. That is soooo cute!!!

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