Solar Eclipse 2017

Solar Eclipse Card

In honor of this amazing and wonderful experience known as the Great American Eclipse, I created this simple card. The Solar Eclipse is truly a reason to celebrate, right?!?

Close-up Solar Eclipse Card

For this card, I used a couple of crafting supplies I haven’t used in some time.  First, I used my chalk to create the illusion of the corona.  Next I used my stylus and foam mat to create dimension for the moon.  Simply rub the ball end into the cardstock that is on top of a foam mat.  Rotate it around and around to create the indentation.  Make smaller and larger sized circles using this technique.  Easy and very rewarding!

If you were somewhere where you were able to view the totality of the eclipse, you know how spectacular it was.  But for those of you who missed it, here are two perspectives on this magical experience through the eyes of a 10-year-old.

So, about the solar eclipse. I went over to Idaho Falls to see the solar eclipse, and it was amazing. It has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. To explain it, at first you couldn’t really tell that anything was happening, but then you started to see a chunk of the sun that didn’t appear as if it was there- almost as if someone took a small bite, but over the hours, it kept getting bigger, with more and more chomps. Then, somewhere around 11:25, it started to get darker, as if it was 5:00, or even 5:30. The only thing out of place was the sky. If you look at the sky around 5:30, you’ll notice that the blue isn’t bright, it is a dark blue, slightly black. But at the solar eclipse,  the sky was a bright blue, a little brighter than sky blue.  It continuously got darker, until the total eclipse happened, and the sky – finally getting it right- turned black. There was still a remainder of blue, but it was faint. At first, it was hard to take in- harder than the whole thing, because even with all that anticipation, it was amazing. the horizon had a few colors on it, and it was beautiful. Words cannot in the slightest describe the phenomenal event, but, in hopes that this will help describe it, imagine the night sky. Now add a little blue, but not a lot, so it looks the faintest bit of blue. Now add a perfect, beautiful halo of perfect white light. Make it sharp, with two spikes-not big, but spikes nonetheless- and one on the bottom. now imagine that this beautiful event only lasted for what seemed like seconds. Near the end, bright light started to come out, forming little diamonds- perfect, beautiful diamonds of pure white light. At the end, you feel disappointed that such a beautiful event lasted only a few seconds, to the hours of waiting, but can’t help feeling it was worth it. For all of you, that was my experience. I write this in hopes, knowing that it is by no means as good as being there, but hoping to enlighten you nonetheless. Thank you for reading, hope it helped you imagine. (LB)

Total Solar Eclipse Image

This i know was a once in a lifetime experience i loved it so much we took great pics and had a lot of fun and now i will tell you the story.Finally the full eclipse was here it got super cool and awesome i loved the look of the moon against the sun it was cool and fun to be there in person so i’m glad we went if you did not go then  imagine this that’s what i thought it looked like,this imagine this, the night sky in the middle of the day the sunset in a perfect circle around you and you look up you see what looks like it got photoshopped, a big black circle and a perfect circle of sun around it almost like a halo not the sun, you look at it and it looks like you can touch it, but at the same time it looks to far away that you would not think it was real you start tacking like a milion  pics and then the moon slides to the side and you think aw man that was like 3 seconds. so did you like the peak into my mind? i hope you did anyways i hope you can go to the next one in 2024. (AB)

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