Card Samples from FREE Card Sketch

Free Card Sketch for Inspiration

Cards created with free card sketch for inspiration

Yesterday on Close To My Heart’s blog, they shared a free card sketch for inspiration. I wanted to share it with you because really who wouldn’t want some more inspiration, right?

A handmade, heartfelt card can brighten anyone’s day no matter the occasion (or lack thereof 😉) and we’ve got three for you today, all made from the same pattern!

Free Card Sketch for Inspiration

Making its original debut in our Laughing Lola Workshops on the Go® cardmaking guide years ago, we paired this timeless pattern with several different paper designs and stamp sets to create multiple unique cards, each with their own distinct look and flair!

CTMH Thankful Card from Card Sketch

The beautiful fall-themed card, above, was made using the Mix-in paper packet (from our November–December catalog) and the Months of the Year—November stamp set. Below, we took a more festive approach with our Deck the Palms patterned papers and Wonderland—Cardmaking stamp and Thin Cuts.

CTMH Winter Card from Card Sketch

For our last card, we paired the flat pattern with the Candid Moments paper packet and Cardmaking stamp and Thin Cuts to create an “any occasion,” “any time,” card that will still dazzle its recipient. This card uses the same flat pattern as the previous two, we just changed it up a bit by rotated it 90 degrees!

CTMH Thinking of You Card from Card Sketch

With most card patterns, it’s possible to get an entirely different look simply by rotating them. When you throw different paper designs and color palettes in the mix, the possibilities for creativity increase exponentially!

Cards made from this Laughing Lola pattern are incredibly easy to put together, come together quickly, and still look great! Not only is this card pattern easy to put together and customize, but it’s also a great pattern to use if you’re looking to make a lot of cards in one sitting.

So are you feeling inspired to create with this sketch? Rotating a pattern is something I do on a regular basis. Like they indicated, it really can take the look of your project in a whole new direction. And it’s just such a simple tweak! I truly hope you enjoyed today’s FREE card sketch for inspiration and use it to create your own handmade cards.

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