3 Reasons I Love Being My Own Boss!


Happy Boss’s Day!  To mark the occasion, I thought I would share 3 reasons I love being my own boss as a Close To My Heart Consultant.

1. Choose when you work!  Setting your own hours around your other commitments (family time, another job, etc.) is such a wonderful perk.

2. Love what you do!  It is so much fun creating, teaching and sharing projects and techniques with others.  It’s truly heartwarming when you witness someone find a new passion with this hobby.  I’ll never forget when I taught someone how to create a scrapbook page and several months later she shared the beginnings of an album she started for her daughter.  So precious!

3. Choose how you do your “job”!  In a traditional work setting, there are certain protocols in place on how things should happen.  If something isn’t working, you need to go through the chain of command about a possibility of changing it.  But if something isn’t working with your CTMH business, you simply change it.  You do it how you think it should be done.  If that still doesn’t work, change it again.  It’s up to you!

Of course, you can enjoy these same benefits by becoming your own boss as a CTMH Consultant.  Contact me for more information about this great opportunity!

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