Personalize Your Scrapbook Album

Stripes Everyday Life Album

Today we are going to visit the idea of personalizing your scrapbook album through the use of a couple of easy tricks.

Striped Album with Ribbon Ties

First, if you are making a mini album or even a full-size album as a gift, a nice touch is to add ribbon ties to it (note: I recommend using Liquid Glass to adhere the ribbon to the inside covers of the album.)

Decorated Inside Cover of Striped CTMH Album

Second, why not decorate the inside covers with some pretty coordinating papers for a really complete look.  This also helps hide the mechanics of the ribbon ties!

Close-up Decorated Inside Cover of Striped CTMH Album

For this particular one, I used the beautiful Uptown Fundamentals Collection and layered the papers to line the inside of the album–both the front and back covers.

These 2 tricks–while super simple–add a really nice touch.  Give it a try next time you want to give a gift of a scrapbook or even to take your own scrapbook album up a notch!

The Sweet Sale: A CTMH Flash Sale

CTMH Valentine's Sweet Sale

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Make your Valentine’s Day even sweeter with Close To My Heart’s Sweet Sale–a 24 hour sale where you’ll get 30% off select CTMH Products!

This sale will begin at 2pm PST today!  Items are while supplies last so don’t delay.

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Last Minute DIY Valentine’s Day Card

Die Cut Heart Cards

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!  Are you ready?  Do you still need to make up a special Valentine’s Day Card?  Here is a quick and really simple way to make a fun Valentine’s Day card.

Basic Hearts Thin Cuts dies

For this card design, I took a little different approach. Using Close To My Heart’s *NEW* Basic Hearts Thin Cuts, I cut out the largest size heart from my cardstock.  Instead of using the heart that was cut out, I’m using the negative space that remains (note: save that heart for another project!)

CTMH Adventure Fundamentals Paper

I took some of our beautiful Adventure Fundamentals that have tiny hearts and adhered it behind the open heart.

CTMH Baby Bundle Stamp Set

I then matted it onto Black Cardstock and onto a White Daisy Card base.  The final touch was a sweet sentiment from the Baby Bundle Stamp Set (a little unexpected, right?)

Cranberry Die Cut Heart Card

I created this design a few different ways.  Two are tone-on-tone.  This first one is done in Cranberry Cardstock with Cranberry Heart B&T Paper (“Background & Texture.”)

Blossom Die Cut Heart Card

This next one is the same idea but using Blossom Cardstock with the coordinating Blossom Heart B&T Paper.

Cranberry & Blossom Die Cut Heart Card

Finally, I decided to mix the two–I used Cranberry Cardstock with Blossom Heart B&T Paper.

Pink Felt Envelope

Rather than using a traditional envelope for my cards for my kids and husband, I found these adorable felt envelopes at Target–in their Dollar Spot (this section is so dangerous!!)

Backside of Pink Felt Envelope

On the back of this Pink Felt Envelope it has this adorable hashtag which I know my daughter will love!

Turquoise Felt Envelope

Then there was this turquoise one.  It sort of reminded me a little of Christmas rather than Valentines’s because of the color combination.

Grey Felt Envelope

But my favorite one was this grey one!  Plus, the other perk of these envelopes are that they are oversized so they fit a card and some fun treats in them perfectly.  A creative and cute packaging idea!

So if you are in a pinch and need a last minute card or envelope, try out this card design and head to Target’s Dollar Spot!

Some Crafting Fun for the Weekend

Yesterday, Close To My Heart shared a great post “19 Signs You’re a True Crafter” on their blog as part of their invitation to enjoy this month’s special to become a Close To My Heart Consultant.

February CTMH Sign Me Up Consultant Special

It’s pretty funny and cute.  So much so that I thought it was a great post to share going into the weekend.


1. You don’t particularly like to tell your husband how much you spend on crafting supplies.

19 signs you're a true crafter #funnymemes #craftingmemes #craftinggifs #scrapbooking #closetomyheart #ctmh

2. You always keep the door to your crafting room shut because . . .

19 signs you're a true crafter #funnymemes #craftingmemes #craftinggifs #scrapbooking #closetomyheart #ctmh

via someecards

3. You believe embellishments are a girl’s best friend.

19 signs you're a true crafter #funnymemes #craftingmemes #craftinggifs #scrapbooking #closetomyheart #ctmh


4. You subscribe to crafting and homemaking magazines . . . and may even scrapbook your favorite magazine pages.

19 signs you're a true crafter #funnymemes #craftingmemes #craftinggifs #scrapbooking #closetomyheart #ctmh

via Giphy

5. You believe there’s no such thing as too much glitter. Because it’s the truth.

19 signs you're a true crafter #funnymemes #craftingmemes #craftinggifs #scrapbooking #closetomyheart #ctmh

via Giphy

6. At any given time, you’re working on 10+ projects simultaneously, but you WILL finish them all…one day.

19 signs you're a true crafter #funnymemes #craftingmemes #craftinggifs #scrapbooking #closetomyheart #ctmh

via The Happy Scraps

7. When someone asks, “Where did you get that?” and you get to say, “I made it,” it’s basically the best.

19 signs you're a true crafter #funnymemes #craftingmemes #craftinggifs #scrapbooking #closetomyheart #ctmh

via Giphy

8. You don’t throw away ANY scrap paper. Honestly, who would do that?

19 signs you're a true crafter #funnymemes #craftingmemes #craftinggifs #scrapbooking #closetomyheart #ctmh

via Giphy

9. Your heart melts when you stumble across family members randomly looking through your scrapbooks.

19 signs you're a true crafter #funnymemes #craftingmemes #craftinggifs #scrapbooking #closetomyheart #ctmh


10. You lose track of time (and reality) when you’re crafting.

19 signs you're a true crafter #funnymemes #craftingmemes #craftinggifs #scrapbooking #closetomyheart #ctmh

via Queen and Company

11. You don’t understand anyone who thinks that storing their photos on their computer or on social media is “good enough.”

19 signs you're a true crafter #funnymemes #craftingmemes #craftinggifs #scrapbooking #closetomyheart #ctmh


12. Martha is your Queen Bee.

19 signs you're a true crafter #funnymemes #craftingmemes #craftinggifs #scrapbooking #closetomyheart #ctmh


13. Trying to clean your crafting room is basically impossible.

19 signs you're a true crafter #funnymemes #craftingmemes #craftinggifs #scrapbooking #closetomyheart #ctmh


14. You frequently see things at the store and think, “Sheesh, I could make that myself for half the price!”

19 signs you're a true crafter #funnymemes #craftingmemes #craftinggifs #scrapbooking #closetomyheart #ctmh

via Sewing Rabbit

15. If you spot something cute for a project “you might one day do,” your willpower goes right out the door.

19 signs you're a true crafter #funnymemes #craftingmemes #craftinggifs #scrapbooking #closetomyheart #ctmh

via A Girl and a Glue Gun

16. Using your favorite crafting materials to create a gift for a friend is like giving them a little piece of your soul.

19 signs you're a true crafter #funnymemes #craftingmemes #craftinggifs #scrapbooking #closetomyheart #ctmh

via Queen and Company

17. The problem is always the size of your crafting room, never the size of your stash. ALWAYS.

19 signs you're a true crafter #funnymemes #craftingmemes #craftinggifs #scrapbooking #closetomyheart #ctmh

via U Create

18. And speaking of your stash…no one needs to know just how much stuff you have.

19 signs you're a true crafter #funnymemes #craftingmemes #craftinggifs #scrapbooking #closetomyheart #ctmh

via Craftaholics Anonymous

19. You will make all the things forever and ever.

19 signs you're a true crafter #funnymemes #craftingmemes #craftinggifs #scrapbooking #closetomyheart #ctmh

via Kathy R. Jeffords

If this describes you, then welcome! You have found your people! We’re a company that loves crafting so much we make it possible for people to earn a living by crafting in their own homes!

Becoming a Close To My Heart Consultant is easy and super affordable. It only costs $75 (USD) to join, and when you do, you get a box full of supplies PLUS $50 (USD) in Select Product Credit to buy even more stuff! And this month only, you can join for even less if you were a former Consultant. We want you back, friends! 🙂

As an Independent Consultant, you’ll not only get to work your own hours from home doing what you love, but you’ll also get an AMAZING Consultant discount on our exclusive products! And anyone who joins this month gets three stamp sets for FREE, a retail value of over $50 (USD)!

We want you to succeed (and to wake up each day loving your job), so we have tons of online resources and training courses to help make this dream job a reality. There’s nothing to fear!

To learn more about the perks of becoming a Consultant, and the exclusive deals we’re offering to those who join this month, visit our website.

XOXO Valentine’s Card

XOXO Valentine's Card

It’s just a little under a week until Valentine’s Day. Last week, I shared this card idea as one that is quick and easy with Close To My Heart’s *NEW* XOXO Thin Cuts die.

XOXO  Thin Cuts Die

This was one of my card designs for my monthly Card Buffet Class.  These classes are all about getting cards done quick!  And you get to choose the designs you like and create as many as you like as the class is a per card fee.

Altered XOXO Valentine Card

I always love how people tweak card designs and make them their own.  One of the gals who attended on Sunday made 2 small alterations which made for a great new look.

Since our papers are 2-sided, she changed up the color pattern by having 2 of the red papers with the blue panel in the middle (the reverse of my sample.) Plus, she added the fun heart and Bitty Sparkles embellishments to the middle panel going horizontal rather than vertical as I did in the sample.  I love it!

Another Altered XOXO Valentine Card

So I decided to not only make a sample like hers, but I tried the same design with the embellishments in the center panel with my original paper pattern.  I love it, too!

I’d love to know which design you like best.  The original?  The 1st alteration?  Or the 2nd alteration?  Or maybe all!?  Leave a comment and let us know!

This is the Month to Join CTMH!


CTMH Consultant Welcome Pack

We all have different reasons that we choose to do something.  It could be something we feel we should do, or maybe we really want to do it.  Sometimes it’s because everyone else is doing it.  Or maybe you’ve been on the fence about doing it and then the simple act of someone suggesting you do it, is enough to push you to do it.

February CTMH Sign Me Up Consultant Special

Well, today I’m going to be the one to give you that little nudge.  You should sign up to become a Close To My Heart Consultant! Really, you should!

Becoming a CTMH Consultant is always a great decision whether your reason to do so is to get a great discount on a wonderful product or you’re looking to make some extra cash.   Continue reading

Happy Groundhog Day!

Silly Sayings Card

Happy Groundhog Day to you! Here in California, Groundhog Day doesn’t seem like such a big deal.  I can remember growing up in the Midwest waiting to hear what Phil would say–please let Spring come early!  I guess since our weather isn’t as harsh we don’t need to hold out hope for an early Spring as much.

Anyway, I thought I’d share this darling card I received from Lisa, a fellow CTMH Consultant.  Isn’t it super cute?  Not sure if it would pass for a true groundhog, but definitely works for me!

Here are the supplies she used to create it:

  • Silly Sayings Stamp Set (C1672)
  • Happy to be Friends Stamp Set (C1605)
  • Fern Stamp Pad (Z2650)
  • Black Stamp Pad (Z2805)
  • Fern Cardstock (X5777)
  • Saddle Cardstock (X5928)
  • Colonial White Cardstock (1388)
  • Black Cardstock (1386)
  • 3-D Foam Tape (Z1151)
  • Cricut Art Philosophy (retired)
  • Cricut Artistry (Z3167)
  • Black Bitty Brads

Need some CTMH products?  Please visit MY ONLINE CTMH STORE.

Hello February!

CTMH February Stamp of the Month Card

Yep, it’s February already.  It’s hard to believe, right?  And you know what else is also hard to believe?  Easter is just around the corner!  Close To My Heart has you covered with this month’s Stamp of the Month.

February CTMH Stamp of the Month Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny Stamp Set is exactly what you’d imagine–a darling stamp set featuring bunnies and complimentary images and sentiments perfect for Easter.

The sweet card above is one I received from my friend and fellow CTMH Consultant, Cindy.  Here is a listing of the supplies she used to create this card:

  • Easter Bunny Stamp of the Month (S1702)
  • Chocolate Stamp Pad (Z2811)
  • Emerald Stamp Pad (Z2806)
  • Willow Stamp Pad (Z2807)
  • Pastel Peach ShinHan Marker (Z2460)
  • Peacock Green ShinHan Marker (Z2461)
  • Peony Purple ShinHan Marker (Z2462)
  • Tender Pink ShinHan Marker (Z2464)
  • Golden Yellow ShinHan Marker (Z2452)
  • Cherry Pink ShinHan Marker (Z2450)
  • Leafy Green ShinHan Marker (Z2454)
  • Turquoise Blue ShinHan Marker (Z2465)
  • Colorless Blender ShinHan Marker (Z2469)
  • Sugar Rush Paper Pack (X7215B)
  • Pomegranate Cardstock (X5780)
  • Clear Sparkles (Z3274)
  • Bitty Sparkles (Z1263)
  • White Shimmer Trim (Z3024)

Please visit MY ONLINE CTMH STORE to purchase your favorite CTMH products.