Baby Girl Diaper Cake

It’s a Girl Baby Shower

Baby Girl Diaper Cake


For the past couple of weeks I’ve been coordinating and preparing for a baby shower for our Kindergarten teacher.  She is expecting her first child…a little baby girl.  The first thing to do was to make the classic gift…a Diaper Cake!  We were able to get several of the smaller items on her registry to include in it.  She loved it!

Baby's First Library, a Baby Shower Gift Basket


Then we got her several books to start “Baby’s First Library.”  Since she has been open to receiving gently used items, we had a great time being able to maximize our budget by getting both new and gently used books for her.

What Makes a Good Mom Book, advice from smart kids


It was important for us to include her students in this exciting time/event so I came up with the idea to have the children contribute their words of wisdom on what makes a good mom.  Not only did I have them write their sentiments/thoughts but I also had them illustrate them, too.  It was positively priceless to see the completed book!  It was also heartwarming to see how special the book and it’s sentiments were to her.

onesies to decorate with fabric markers


At the shower, we had onesies with fabric markers for the children to sign and decorate for her.  It was fun to see them all take part in the activity.  If you are going to do this–don’t forget to use an insert so the markers don’t bleed through!

It's a Girl Advice Sticks New Mom Advice Sticks

Since we had an activity for the children, why not have one for the adults, too!  I stamped up some wide popsicle sticks along with a little note for parents to share any tips or advice they could with the soon-to-be new mom.  It was a great success!

Black Bottom Cupcakes


Finally, the Black Bottom cupcakes I made for the event complete with little toppers made from the Cricut Artiste cartridge.

It was a really fun and special event for all–even the kids.  It was so endearing to hear my son say to another mom that this was his first baby shower–too cute!


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