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Sign Me Up!

CTMH February Sign Me Up Special

I’m super excited to share Close To My Heart’s February Special, Sign Me Up!  Close To My Heart is doing something they’ve never done before–they are offering the opportunity to get ALL of the exclusive Hostess Only Stamp Sets for FREE (yep, I said FREE!) when you sign up to become a Close To My Heart Consultant this month.

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Become a Close To My Heart Consultant

CTMH Consultant Opportunity

It’s always a great time to become a Close To My Heart Consultant, but right now it’s especially great.  Why you might be asking?  Well, on Monday, CTMH introduced their *NEW* upcoming Seasonal Expressions 1 Catalog to all of their Consultants.

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Three Reasons I’m Thankful For Owning My Own Stamping Business!

Pumpkin Lattice Card

As we in the U.S. prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, it seemed like an appropriate time to reflect on some of the reasons I’m thankful for owning my own stamping business.

First, I’m thankful for the flexibility I have with my business.  I’m able to take vacation when I want rather than being worried that someone else in my department is also taking vacation so it might not work for me to also request time off.  I’m extremely thankful for the ability to be present and active in my children’s lives.  For example, I was able to help set up and attend my kids’ Thanksgiving Feast at school yesterday.  I am extremely aware that that’s not always an easy thing to do for many.  I often think back to my job pre-kids as a paralegal at a large law firm.  I know with almost 100% certainty that I would not be able to do all that I do at their school and in their lives in general, if I had kept working as a paralegal after they were born.  It was definitely a hard decision for my husband and I to make living in such an expensive part of the country, but most definitely one of the best decisions I have made!

Second, I am thankful for owning my own stamping business because it allows me to earn money doing something I am passionate about.  I love my job!  Whether I’m teaching someone how to make their very first handmade card or showing them an amazing trick with a tool they already own but never knew that it could be used in such a way, I find such joy in those moments.  It’s so heartwarming when someone loves something you’ve designed and it inspires them to either duplicate it or take it a step further.  That feeling of appreciation is priceless.

Closeup Pumpkin Lattice Card


Third,  I am ever so thankful for the friends in my life that are a direct result of owning my own stamping business.  It’s amazing the number of people I count as dear friends whose path I may not have ever crossed were it not for my business.  I am so grateful our paths did cross though!

If any of what I’ve shared here strikes a chord with you, I’d love to chat with you about becoming a Close To My Heart Consultant.  You, too, can own your own stamping business!  One of the great things about becoming a CTMH Consultant is that it is truly a no-risk endeavor.  If you already love cardmaking, scrapbooking and/or papercrafting, then you are out nothing if you give it a go and it doesn’t work for you.  You are left with amazing CTMH products from your kit and no other obligations.  What better time to join when we all could use a little extra income for the holidays?  To learn more about becoming a CTMH Consultant, you can check out the details as well as the current special for joining on my CTMH website.

This is the Month to Join CTMH!


CTMH Consultant Welcome Pack

We all have different reasons that we choose to do something.  It could be something we feel we should do, or maybe we really want to do it.  Sometimes it’s because everyone else is doing it.  Or maybe you’ve been on the fence about doing it and then the simple act of someone suggesting you do it, is enough to push you to do it.

February CTMH Sign Me Up Consultant Special

Well, today I’m going to be the one to give you that little nudge.  You should sign up to become a Close To My Heart Consultant! Really, you should!

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Why You Should Become a CTMH Consultant

Okay, first off–to be clear– there is not just one “right” reason why you should become a CTMH Consultant!  The truth is, the reason is different for everyone.

For some, it’s that you absolutely LOVE the product.  So why wouldn’t you want to get it at a discount, right?!  This was my initial reason.  I’m the type of person who wants to get the best deal possible.  I’ll research and compare to ensure I’m getting that real bargain.  Well, when I found out I could get the rubber stamps and scrapbooking supplies I loved for a discount, I was sold!  (Obviously, if you are a CTMH groupie, you know we no longer carry rubber stamps–it’s all about our fabulous My Acrylix clear stamps now!)

Maybe you’ve just had a baby and want to find a way to earn money AND stay home with your new baby.  Or you’ve recently retired and you want to still stay connected to people.  And speaking of staying connected to people, this is a truly great opportunity for those who telecommute for work and crave face-to-face interaction.

Need some extra money?  Is there a bill you’d like covered each month?  Or maybe a family vacation you’d like to save up for?  BTW, CTMH does their annual Conventions in great family vacation destinations each year.  You get discounts on great hotels and local attractions!  This year (next month actually) I’m taking my kids to Disneyland!

These are just a few common reasons why people choose to become a Close To My Heart Consultant.  What’s your reason?

Now that you’ve honed in on YOUR reason, the next step is simple…click HERE to learn more.

Do What You Love

Sophia Heart Wall Hanging

Do you love stamping and scrapbooking?  Then why not share that love with others by becoming a Close To My Heart Consultant!  I’d love to have you join my team because I know there’s a place on it for you.  From the hobbyist who just likes to purchase for herself and her friends (and get that discount!) to the business savy individuals who are looking to earn money doing what they love…there’s a place for you!

If you’d like to learn more, EMAIL me today!


Why I Love Close To My Heart

It’s Valentine’s Day…a day of love.  What better day to reflect on why I {heart} Close To My Heart and being an Independent Consultant!

Initially, like most, I fell in love with the products!  It was like heaven knowing that my cardstock would match my inkpads, which would match my embellishments, which would match my ribbons and on and on.  I mean who doesn’t love to coordinate/match!?!?

Then I really loved the idea that I could get a discount on all the product I absolutely adored simply by becoming a Consultant.  It seemed like a no-brainer.  I sign up to be a Consultant, keep buying the product I loved and I get a discount.  I wasn’t told I had to work a certain schedule, or that I should anticipate working “x” number of holidays or that it was company policy to wear certain attire.  It was all up to me!  Imagine that….I mean really, how often do you get a ‘job’ where you are in charge of what hours you work, how you want to run things day-to-day and such?

And then I did my first party as a Consultant.  I’ll admit I was super nervous, but it turned out to be so much fun sharing my excitement and love of our products with others.  I’ve said it before (and know I’ll be saying it again), but I absolutely, positively *L*O*V*E* all the friends I’ve made by making this one little decision to become a CTMH Consultant.  Friends I might not have ever met otherwise.  
Okay, if you’ve stuck around this long, I thought I’d mention that I hadn’t forgot my weekly On the Table Monday.  The picture above is what’s on my table (a fun paper heart banner–I still need to string it together and hang it up though–this afternoon!)  I thought the different perspective better displayed the project.  Here is my traditional perspective….

See what I mean?  Doesn’t really show it’s beauty!  I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  I’ll ”see” you tomorrow!

If This Shoe Fits…

If you’ve followed my blog for awhile now, you may remember my post about my Team’s Shoe Award (found HERE).  It’s a monthly award we give out that is judged by your peers about stepping outside your comfort zone.  Just something a little fun and zany.
Well, I thought I’d show the current state of it since the last time I showed you a picture.  The idea is that each time someone wins their “trophy” they get to add one embellishment to it and keep it until the next month at our Team Meeting/Celebration.  Here it is in it’s current form:
You’ll notice I’ve added a little Mickey Mouse image on the shoe with our Fancy Fuzz Borders.  I thought it was fitting to share this with you today as it’s Mickey Mouse’s Birthday AND I added it in the spirit of the location of our Annual Convention–this year it’s at Disneyland!
I’d love to have you join me at Disneyland as a part of my team.  I’d love even more for you to earn our Steppin’ Out Award!  If you’ve ever considered becoming a CTMH Consultant before (or the thought just came to you), I invite you to contact me for more information.  Who knows, this shoe just may fit you! 🙂