Why You Should Become a CTMH Consultant

Okay, first off–to be clear– there is not just one “right” reason why you should become a CTMH Consultant!  The truth is, the reason is different for everyone.

For some, it’s that you absolutely LOVE the product.  So why wouldn’t you want to get it at a discount, right?!  This was my initial reason.  I’m the type of person who wants to get the best deal possible.  I’ll research and compare to ensure I’m getting that real bargain.  Well, when I found out I could get the rubber stamps and scrapbooking supplies I loved for a discount, I was sold!  (Obviously, if you are a CTMH groupie, you know we no longer carry rubber stamps–it’s all about our fabulous My Acrylix clear stamps now!)

Maybe you’ve just had a baby and want to find a way to earn money AND stay home with your new baby.  Or you’ve recently retired and you want to still stay connected to people.  And speaking of staying connected to people, this is a truly great opportunity for those who telecommute for work and crave face-to-face interaction.

Need some extra money?  Is there a bill you’d like covered each month?  Or maybe a family vacation you’d like to save up for?  BTW, CTMH does their annual Conventions in great family vacation destinations each year.  You get discounts on great hotels and local attractions!  This year (next month actually) I’m taking my kids to Disneyland!

These are just a few common reasons why people choose to become a Close To My Heart Consultant.  What’s your reason?

Now that you’ve honed in on YOUR reason, the next step is simple…click HERE to learn more.

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