CTMH Sapphire Ink Pad

How To Create Your Own Ink Pad

Close To My Heart Sapphire Ink Pad

Today I’m going to share with you how to create your own ink pad. With the current pandemic Close To My Heart’s ink pad manufacturer had to stop production for some time. This left the supply of several of our popular colors of ink pads at a very limited number. Since there was no ETA of when we’d be able to get more in stock, these ink pads were no longer showing up on our websites. Understandably, this alarmed many of you that the colors had retired. They have not! Please don’t worry. I will always let you know before colors are set to retire so that you can plan accordingly! 🙂

There’s an easy solution to not being able to get an ink pad. Get a re-inker instead! 🙂 In this quick video, I show you 2 ways you can create your own ink pad.

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