CTMH Turtley Awesome Stenciled Card

3 Benefits of Stencils

CTMH Dream Maker Stencil

Today I want to share 3 benefits of Stencils with you.

CTMH Sweet As Honey Stenciled Card

1. Create Depth Easily

You can use a little bit of ink with your Stencils to create a lot of depth without any bulk on your projects. It’s a little bit magical at how quick & easy it can be! Choose to use a Sponge Dauber, Sponge, or a Blending Brush when using a Stencil. All will give you beautiful results.

CTMH Stenciled Dream Maker Card

2. Easy to Store

Stencils are so easy to store because they take up very little space and are so lightweight. Plus, because they are so thin and lightweight, there are a number of ways you can choose to store them. From keeping them in page protectors in binders to laying them flat in trays, like cardstock, there’s no shortage of ways to keep them stored and organized.

CTMH Stenciled Turtley Awesome Card

3. Cost-Effective Tool

As papercrafters, we know that there are some tools that can cost a fair amount of money. Stencils are the exception to that. They are one of the most cost-effective tools you can find. You can create so many different looks using this tool over and over again. Plus, to illustrate this point, consider the Dream Maker Stencil that is being offered right now for National Scrapbooking Month.

CTMH Dream Maker Stencil

This Stencil is a 4-in-1 stencil offering. And guess what? It’s only $4.95! Incredible, right? Close To My Heart offers a variety of stencils. But I will warn you–several of our newer ones are on backorder right now–but are expected to return within the next month or two.

While I have no doubt you can find many more benefits, for me these 3 benefits of Stencils are the key reasons to embracing and using Stencils on your projects.

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