CTMH Floating Rainbow Card

Cardstock Carnival Rainbow Card

CTMH Cardstock Carnival Rainbow Card

Today I created this Cardstock Carnival Rainbow Card. It’s a good reminder of how you can create amazing projects with just cardstock–no pretty papers required.

CTMH Cardstock Carnival Special

It’s the last week of the Cardstock Carnival Special with Close To My Heart. The perfect time to check your stash of cardstock colors. Why wouldn’t you want to save some money on cardstock you know you’re going to use, right?

Here’s what I used to create my card:





Today’s card design is the perfect way to use up scraps or Zip Strips you have lying around. It adds a real visual interest to your project. And I didn’t have to cut into any pretty patterned papers to create it! Having a good stash of cardstock colors, you can create your own version of my Cardstock Carnival Rainbow Card!

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