CTMH 2020-2021 Retirement

CTMH 2020-2021 Retirement List

CTMH 2020-2021 Retirement List

It’s time for the CTMH 2020-2021 Retirement List. The Close To My Heart 2021-2022 Core Catalog is coming soon. September 1st to be exact. So that means some of our favorites need to retire to make room for some new favorites.

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All of these items are on a while supplies last basis.

You’ll notice that Blue Belle accessories are all listed on this Retirement List. Since Blue Belle is the Color of the Year, it will definitely be retiring. As of right now, they haven’t shared what other colors will retire. But there will definitely be some! Once I find out the retiring colors, I’ll share those, too. They’ll be added to the CTMH 2020-2021 Retirement List as soon as they are announced.

4 thoughts on “CTMH 2020-2021 Retirement List”

    • A lot of time you can do a search on pinterest for the item name and/or item number and Makers who have used that item have included it in their descriptions on individual blog posts which are linked to Pinterest. That’s how I’ve found some of the older stamp sets. 🙂 Hope that helps.

      • Thanks, April! This is great advice. Another way you can see items is to search within the online shops. For example you could search the item numbers at sunnydaymemories.ctmh.com to see images (while supplies last, of course.)

    • Lisa, April’s advice of Pinterest is a great one. Or you could also search the description or item number within my online shop (sunnydaymemories.ctmh.com) to see images of each item. I hope this helps.


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