Crafty Staycation

The Perfect Crafty Staycation

Crafty Staycation

Are you ready for the perfect staycation?

We all get the itch for something different now and then, right? A trip or some type of getaway. But let’s face it, sometimes the budget just doesn’t allow for exotic getaways or even a weekend trip. Fear not my fellow crafters! You can still have an amazing, rejuvenating experience without leaving your home. Enter the inspirational world of the crafty staycation! Yep, I’m talking about our All-Day Stamp Camp.

June 2024 All-Day Stamp Camp

This isn’t your average staycation filled with reruns and takeout. We’re talking about a creative explosion, a chance to unleash your inner artist, and transform your home into a haven of inspiration.

We’ve been preparing something truly special: an All-Day Stamp Camp designed to be enjoyed from the comfort of your couch (or craft room, or wherever your creative spirit takes you!). Over the course of this virtual extravaganza, you’ll be showered with inspiration, with more than 35 unique stamping projects.

But wait, there’s more! To ensure your crafting adventure runs smoothly, we’re including a comprehensive 24+ page PDF with everything you need. This handy guide will be packed with detailed instructions, clear photos, and – most importantly! – a comprehensive supply list for each project. How fun, right?

The beauty of the All-Day Stamp Camp goes beyond just the incredible projects. It’s about creating a community of crafters, even in a virtual setting. We encourage participants to share their creations with the other crafty staycationers. It broadens the number of shared ideas and allows us all to celebrate each other’s successes. And if you are unable to attend some of the sessions, no worries. All sessions are recorded and will be available for you to watch at your leisure.

And did I mention there will be prizes? Who doesn’t enjoy winning a prize? Especially when it’s a crafty prize! But it gets even better. Each participant will receive a handmade creation from each of us hosting the event. That’s 4 pieces of happy mail! Four more projects to be inspired by. And how about a BONUS Early Bird Session on Friday? Yep, we’re throwing in an additional session on Friday to get those creative juices started and ready for Saturday. Plus, we even added a Mystery Stamping Session on Saturday night. Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Especially when there’s stamping involved?

Remember though, our Stamp Camp is much more than just a collection of projects. It’s an investment in yourself. A chance to disconnect from the everyday hustle, reconnect with your creative spirit, and emerge with a renewed sense of joy and accomplishment.

Be sure to REGISTER NOW to embark on the perfect Crafty Staycation with us.

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