Cricut Flower Headband Closeup

Cricut Flower Headband Perfect for the Red Carpet

Hummer Limo

This past Saturday my daughter had the opportunity to attend a Red Carpet Event with her Girl Scout troop along with 17 other troops.  Each troop created their own movie and this event was the premier showing of those movies (luckily they could each only be 3-5 minutes otherwise with 18 movies to watch it would be quite the marathon!)

Theater Popcorn & Drinks

It was quite the event!  The girls were taken to the event in limos–my daughter’s troop got the Hummer Limo (there was also a pink limo that several of the girls had their eye on!)  And just like a real red carpet event, they were interviewed as they exited the limo and entered the theater.  Once they entered the theater (that was rented just for them!) they got to have popcorn and drinks to their hearts’ content.

Rose Dress for Red Carpet Event

So, of course, such a fancy affair warrants fancy attire, right?  The girls all looked amazing.  A week before the event my daughter and I went dress shopping with one of her friends who was also attending the event.  (Think hours and hours in the dressing room trying on numerous dresses!)  To my surprise, my daughter and I agreed on a dress that we both liked (and she and her friend thought it was hilarious that I had to remove the dress from the mannequin because it was the last one in her size!)

Cricut Flower Headband

The gorgeous rose pattern seemed too perfect to not make her a coordinating rose headband using CTMH’s exclusive Cricut Collections.

Cricut Flower Headband Closeup

I used both the Cricut Artiste Collection (now retired) and the Cricut Flower Market Collection to create the headband flowers and leaves.  I also added in some Gold Foil pieces which I think really make it pop (the back of her dress has a gold zipper which inspired the addition!)  I also used some Liquid Glass to attach some White Pearls to the center of each flower (I’m pretty sure that was her favorite part when she discovered it!)  I really like how it turned out.  And many of her friends also liked it, which is a plus at her age!  Hopefully it will be a reminder of this special day she had in her beautiful rose dress!

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