CTMH Storytelling Card Samples

Happy World Storytelling Day!

CTMH Story by Stacy Storytelling Cards

Happy World Storytelling Day! Given all that is happening and how quickly things are changing from day-to-day, now is the PERFECT time to scrapbook these moments (if you are a scrapbooker) or simply start a journal if you’re not a scrapbooker. We are making history. These moments that we are experiencing and the things that we are in disbelief about (like the HUGE demand for toilet paper!?) will be what is written in future history books. We are living it. Each of our experiences will be unique but also the same to some extent. While we think we’ll never forget these days, our brains will write over some of the exceptional details that are so fresh right now in order to make room for new memories. Preserve your experience!

CTMH Storytelling Card Samples

I’ve taken a pack of the Story by Stacy Storytelling Cards and will be having my kids write once a week what their life is like (what they are thinking about, experiencing, etc.) I’ll add in some photos of the empty shelves at stores, photos I’ve taken of them doing “Flexible Learning”, as well as other items I can preserve from this time and it will be a way for them to remember this experience years from now. It’s quick and easy, but memorable. Be sure to document your story! If you have kids, have them write a little as well. Our perspectives are all different and unique. Whether you create a journal or a scrapbook of this time period, it’s sure to be treasured by family years from now.

I hope you are able to self-quarantine this weekend–then craft, be happy and stay healthy! 🙂

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